I live and work in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and make a living as a computer graphic artist. I enjoy creating art using traditional mediums such as drawing and oil painting.

Still lots to do before the show, it’s all the little things that add up
signing paintings, varnishing, framing and adding wires for hanging.
They usually don’t take much time on their own but when you need to frame
close 40 paintings it’s time consuming. All said and done it’s a very rewarding
process and I and so happy with the finished product.


Here is a piece that will be given away for the door prize at the reception
on Saturday November 25th.  Another reason to make it down to Beaux-Arts
and check out the show!


Well it’s been a while since my last post, the past few months I have been busy
putting paint to canvas instead of words to a blog, Though I’m sure if you spoke
with any painter that would easily be their preference.

Most of my days have been spent out of doors plein air painting, rain or shine
(though mostly shine) taking advantage of the longer spring and summer days
with a few studio paintings in between.  It has been in preparation for my coming
solo show “Spirit of Ontario: Portraits of a land” happening in a few weeks time.
This show focuses on the landscapes of beautiful Ontario Canada.
Most of the painted locations take place in the golden horseshoe from Brampton
to Hamilton. It is a diverse land with lakes, beaches, rivers, hills and valleys
not to mention a diverse climate with four distinct seasons.

I hope you have a chance to visit the show in beautiful downtown Brampton at Beaux-arts.
Taking place From Wednesday November 22nd to December 2nd 2017 with a special reception
happening Saturday November 25th.  The event will be catered by the talented staff at
Yolanda’s catering and to top it off you get a chance to win the door prize, just for showing up!

Hope to see you there.



Last weekend I attended the Elora Plein Air festival for the first time.
To be honest I was a bit nervous, driving up to Elora not knowing anyone or what the event
Would expect of me. Then getting sunburnt, carrying heavy gear up and down steep slopes, catching a cold
And commuting about 3 hours each day, It was all worth it!

The winter months take their toll on energy levels and motivation,
I can think of no better way to kickstart painting enthusiasm then with a painting festival like this.
Spending time outside and around beautiful scenery, whether it was Elora’s downtown or on
The grand river is inspiring for Artists.

The volunteers at the Elora centre for the arts were so helpful,  from registration
To helping artists find interesting locations to paint from. Even when I dropped off my completed paintings
At the centre each evening, there was always a smiling face and helping hand to get things sorted.

Last but not least the Artists partaking in the event were exceptional people,
Very encouraging whether out painting with you or happy to see your painting sold at the Art show.

Below are the paintings completed during the Plein air festival and sold at the Art show on the events final day.

Purple house 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel


Downtown Elora 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel

Artist at work 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel




A few days ago I had some free time and started pondering the idea of creating
a coffee mug design inspired by the Buddha, specifically the shape of the handle resembling
a buddha ear.

After a few measurements of some mugs and some sketching I came up with a more concrete
design in Illustrator which I took into my 3d programs to create the model for printing.

Below are some of the renders from Shapeways representing what the finished products
would look like.



It’s fun to dream up something in the morning then get a concrete look of it by the afternoon.
The only draw back to 3d printing ceramic is the cost but I’m sure that will decrease with time.

The mugs can be found at the bottom of the page here.


It has been a few years since I started working on a digital sculpture of Marcus Aurelius the philosopher king, I made it one of my New Years resolutions to complete it this year, along with a few other projects that have been put on the back burner.

Below is my finished piece with a few other items recently made available on my shapeways store.


Six inch version of Marcus Aurelius 3d printed – photo courtesy of Christopher Lee.

Epicurus in Porcelain

Buddha in Porcelain

Terracotta Warrior in Porcelain