A few days ago I had some free time and started pondering the idea of creating
a coffee mug design inspired by the Buddha, specifically the shape of the handle resembling
a buddha ear.

After a few measurements of some mugs and some sketching I came up with a more concrete
design in Illustrator which I took into my 3d programs to create the model for printing.

Below are some of the renders from Shapeways representing what the finished products
would look like.



It’s fun to dream up something in the morning then get a concrete look of it by the afternoon.
The only draw back to 3d printing ceramic is the cost but I’m sure that will decrease with time.

The mugs can be found at the bottom of the page here.



I live and work in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and make a living as a computer graphic artist. I enjoy creating art using traditional mediums such as drawing and oil painting.

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