Last weekend I attended the Elora Plein Air festival for the first time.
To be honest I was a bit nervous, driving up to Elora not knowing anyone or what the event
Would expect of me. Then getting sunburnt, carrying heavy gear up and down steep slopes, catching a cold
And commuting about 3 hours each day, It was all worth it!

The winter months take their toll on energy levels and motivation,
I can think of no better way to kickstart painting enthusiasm then with a painting festival like this.
Spending time outside and around beautiful scenery, whether it was Elora’s downtown or on
The grand river is inspiring for Artists.

The volunteers at the Elora centre for the arts were so helpful,  from registration
To helping artists find interesting locations to paint from. Even when I dropped off my completed paintings
At the centre each evening, there was always a smiling face and helping hand to get things sorted.

Last but not least the Artists partaking in the event were exceptional people,
Very encouraging whether out painting with you or happy to see your painting sold at the Art show.

Below are the paintings completed during the Plein air festival and sold at the Art show on the events final day.

Purple house 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel


Downtown Elora 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel

Artist at work 8 x 10 – oil on birch panel





I live and work in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and make a living as a computer graphic artist. I enjoy creating art using traditional mediums such as drawing and oil painting.

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