Well it’s been a while since my last post, the past few months I have been busy
putting paint to canvas instead of words to a blog, Though I’m sure if you spoke
with any painter that would easily be their preference.

Most of my days have been spent out of doors plein air painting, rain or shine
(though mostly shine) taking advantage of the longer spring and summer days
with a few studio paintings in between.  It has been in preparation for my coming
solo show “Spirit of Ontario: Portraits of a land” happening in a few weeks time.
This show focuses on the landscapes of beautiful Ontario Canada.
Most of the painted locations take place in the golden horseshoe from Brampton
to Hamilton. It is a diverse land with lakes, beaches, rivers, hills and valleys
not to mention a diverse climate with four distinct seasons.

I hope you have a chance to visit the show in beautiful downtown Brampton at Beaux-arts.
Taking place From Wednesday November 22nd to December 2nd 2017 with a special reception
happening Saturday November 25th.  The event will be catered by the talented staff at
Yolanda’s catering and to top it off you get a chance to win the door prize, just for showing up!

Hope to see you there.




I live and work in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and make a living as a computer graphic artist. I enjoy creating art using traditional mediums such as drawing and oil painting.

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